Seagate Brewery

We serve Seagate beer in cans

5.0% abv

Belgian style creamy smooth, blonde beer. 

Refreshing with light, zesty hop and spicy banana finish due to the use of Belgian Ale yeast.

Also available in Cask. NB. Saorsa is Gaelic for Freedom, deliverance and redemption.



SEAGATE Moulin d’Or Houblon
Citra Dry Hopped Blonde Ale. 
5.0% abv

Belgian style smooth, yesty blonde beer based on the famous Brugge Zot.

Dry Hopped with Zesty Citra Hops

Refreshingly crisp with fresh fruity aftertaste.


SEAGATE Rise Above 80/- Ale
4.5% abv

Our Traditional Scottish

80 Shillings Dark Ale with Sugar Kelp seaweed added to the mash. Creamy Roast malts, toffee, caramel hints and a bitter twist finish, not salty as you might first expect. Session strength at 4.5 % abv.




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